Botex Pharma 500mg CBD Crystal Dabs - 99.8% Pure CBD

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BotexPharma 500mg CBD Crystal Dabs - 99.8% Pure CBD and Terpenes

BotexPharma products are all Made In Italy.

This product is realized with pure 99.8% CBD, enriched of a tarpenic formula of our own propriety.To create a more powerful therapeutic efficacy and to create an entourage effect it has been added a tarpenic solutions of our own formulation, boosting the effect of CBD in our body. This product is a must have when using an Atomized vaporizer or a Dab Ring.

CBD is considered one of the most important active substances present inside the Cannabis plant, considered a genuine “Natural Medicine” for its benefits, relaxing and analgesics.

Starting from a study done on its precious characteristics, BotexPharma created a whole line-up of products that are focused on all the demands and can be taken in various forms and different formulations. Our Terpene and CBD Crystals in DABS comes from a fantastic combination of those two components.

Packaging containing 500 mg of 99.8% pure CBD and Terpene

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